Become a prevention expert

Become a prevention expert!

The special thing about Vascassist is that no highly specific expert knowledge is necessary for vascular screening. Your interest in vascular prophylaxis and your will to offer your patients - especially your high-risk patients – a high-quality measure of vascular preventive care is sufficient. This can reduce or prevent suffering, and - after the introduction of remedial measures - can make a significant contribution to the prolongation of life.

The Vascassist measurement results speak for themselves. With the help of a refined four-quadrant diagram produced by the VascViewer software the measurement results are displayed graphically in a pleasing and easily understandable form with green, yellow and red zones. This style of representation rapidly gives you an increasing overview of arterial status.

With some practice and experience you quickly develop an “expert view” for the interpretation of the measurement results. Many vascular diseases even in their early stages show typical patterns of measurement points on the diagram. In cases of doubt you can take the shapes of the pulse measurements additionally into consideration. These also often display typical forms characteristic of the specific disease that can support your diagnosis.

As this measurement is so important, painless and uncomplicated you should encourage your patients to have it repeated regularly as a preventive measure - at best life-long. And should your patients already suffer from vascular disorders you can use the measurement as a progress check with a positive motivational aspect.

Here you can see the protocols of some important findings as examples.