This is how Vascassist works

This is how Vascassist works

Vascassist is an ideal resource for general practitioners, medical and prophylactic specialists, wound care physicians and many others. It is very suited to health practitioners who wish to offer their patients routine preventive vascular screening and the earliest possible diagnosis of vascular disease.

First of all Vascassist is a blood pressure measurement device with four cuffs for measurement of the four limbs. By means of the very precise measurement device the general blood pressure status can be measured, the important comparison of right and left body sides can be performed and specifically the Ankle-Brachial Index can be calculated for early identification and diagnosis of PAOD (peripheral arterial occlusive disease, intermittent claudication).

But that is only the start. In contrast to other devices that simply calculate   the Ankle-Brachial Index, Vascassist not only measures the four blood pressures but also by correlating them chronologically determines the   peripheral pulse wave velocity, which contributes in a very versatile manner to the assessment of vascular status.

Further, Vascassist can record the pulse curves, transmit them to a PC and display them graphically there. The visualization of pulse curves contributes significantly to the final interpretation of measurement results when they are not completely unambiguous.
It is the combination of the measurement of blood pressure, the derivation of pulse wave velocity and the visualization of pulse curves that place Vascassist in a class of its own for price and precision and make it an all-purpose, differential diagnostic tool in the realm of the early identification of vascular damage.