A great advantage of VascAssist is its autonomous method of operation as stand-alone equipment. You are not dependent on attached PC’s or peripheral devices and nevertheless have a full-fledged measurement device available.

VascAssist  can however optionally be operated linked up in various configurations.

VascAssist has an internal memory to store up to ca. 200 measurements and can therefore selectively be operated autonomously or in a network. Long-term storage can be performed in an IT system as needed.

Standalone with printer

In this alternative VascAssist is connected directly to a printer compatible with PCL-5 using a special crossover cable (Article No. 1000001219).

Standalone with PC

In this alternative VascAssist is connected directly to a PC using a special VascAssist crossover cable (Article No. 1000001219). A printer attached to the PC can then be used as well. In addition, the VascAssist measurement data can be read out using the VascViewer software and analyzed further. In this configuration VascAssist can also be configured using a web browser.

Network integration

In this alternative VascAssist is integrated into an existing network in the medical practice with the help of a LAN cable, (Article No. 1000001211). This offers also the advantages of connection to a PC as mentioned above.

Device backside