Advantages and differences compared to other products

Its advantages – your benefits

By now other equipment is on the market that enables simple measurement of ABI and PWV. Nevertheless VascAssist has convincing advantages which easily distinguish it from comparable products.


It would be easy to extend the list, but easier for you to convince yourself about VascAssist. Your personal experience is better than any marketing and is very important for us. Please make Contact with us.

  • Not only does VascAssist measure blood pressure, ABI and PWV, but it measures all three parameters separately for each side of the body and is also easy to operate.
  • VascAssist can be operated as autonomous, freestanding medical equipment.  This is an unbeatable advantage where space is limited.
  • Optional analysis software can be used on a PC that is spatially separated from the VascAssist. The connection to the equipment is made via a standardized computer network, which is nowadays available already in many medical practices.
  • Measurement results are stored locally in VascAssist itself (up to 200 measurements), but can also be stored centrally via the network. The measurement results are available in the form of data files and can also be used for studies.
  • VascAssist is so easy to operate that even untrained assistants can determine blood pressure, ABI and PWV. It doesn’t take at all long to become familiar with the measurement procedure. So in contrast to the conventional determination of ABI it is very easy to delegate the operation of VascAssist to assistant personnel.
  • The measurement procedure is quick and measurement results are available without delay. Even with the optional analysis software VASCVIEWER further processing can take place immediately following the measurement.
  • For measurement both sides of the body are considered separately. It is surmised that the determination of ABI via all four limbs simultaneously affects the blood circulation and thus influences the measurements.
  • In contrast to determination of ABI with the hand-held Doppler probe measurement results are independent of the experience of the user and are thus more objective and reproducible.
  • In contrast to the conventional sonographic method the measurement takes only 3 to 5 minutes instead of 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat measurements are therefore possible which increase the validity of the measurements.
  • The equipment contains blood pressure measurement devices that can withstand high permanent loading.
  • The blood pressure modules are our own development and employ algorithms that are optimally designed for this purpose.
  • From a cost point of view, with the two measurement parameters ABI and PWV VascAssist offers twice the diagnostic benefit for the price of one.
  • VascAssist offers a LAN interface by default, which enables the transmission of the data recorded for archiving and for further analysis. Measurement results can be exported for study purposes.
  • The connection of VascAssist via standard networks means that it can be connected via the Internet to remote centers, medical practices and wards, even to patients at their homes.
  • VascAssist can address printers compatible with HP via the LAN interface, so a direct printout of protocols is possible.
  • Further developments of VascAssist are already lined up to raise the diagnostic use even further.
  • VascAssist was and is developed and manufactured in Germany. Among other things this has the advantage that you receive optimal support and also safeguard jobs in Germany.